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Where’s my Coach delivers financial savings, simplifies network management and improves customer experience.

This ground-breaking platform can be installed on any network enabled android device and offers unparalleled functionality. Where’s my Coach is packed with intuitive features for your business, your drivers and your customers.

Integrating seamlessly with your existing booking and stock management systems, Where’s my Coach comes as a complete solution that compliments your existing IT infrastructure.

Key Features

Integration with Operator Booking Systems

Where’s my Coach has been designed from the ground up to integrate with booking and stock management systems with the minimum amount of effort from your business.

On Board Check-In and Check-Off

Accurate stock management and customer security are paramount to any travel business, the Where’s my Coach platform provides on-board functionality to report to the operator exactly who is on board along with precise stock information.
Using this information your reservation system can ensure that every seat available for sale is offered.

Customer Facing Portal

Where’s my Coach has a constant view of all driver handsets and passenger movements, this information can be served to operators for their customer facing applications. Alongside operational solutions, Xava can also provide customer facing mobile app development tailored to brand identity.

Reduce Fraudulent Ticket Use

The introduction of home printing enables customers to fraudulently print multiple copies of a ticket. This may only become apparent when the coach is full and customers with valid tickets cannot board. As the coach driver cannot determine which is the valid ticket they must allow all ticket holders to travel on the coach. The coach check-in functionality that Where’s my Coach provides will prevent the same ticket being used multiple times.

Eliminate Unnecessary Travel

The platform provides information in real-time to coach drivers regarding customers for boarding or alighting the coach. As a result, the platform has the capability to inform the driver to bypass stops where customers are not alighting or boarding. This will result in increased punctuality and improved fuel economy.

Improved Passenger Communications

When boarding or alighting a coach the platform can alert the driver regarding specific information related to customers, such as missed connections or service/ticket detail changes, special needs and disability.

Network Timing

There are clear benefits to having accurate travel times between stops. The platform will produce an average travel time by days and periods of the day. This will enable the compilation of an accurate timetable thus improving punctuality.

Investigation of Complaints

In the event that customers or other road users file a complaint the platform enables the review of all the details and events of a journey. These include details of maximum speed, driver, service and stop timings, reducing the time taken to resolve complaints and removing ambiguity.

Emergency Management

The operations team will have visibility of any coach across the network that has activated its emergency button. The Emergency Management screen will provide details of the alert and the current position of the coach, enabling them to take appropriate action.

Promote Safe Driving

Messages generated by the platform or sent by Operations will be delivered by a text to speech, allowing the driver hands free communication at all times.